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Whatever the issue, get in touch today if you have a problem with your laptop or PC. We will book your system in for a free diagnostics checkup and let you know what the issue is and how much it will cost to fix it. No Fix No Fee.


That new game just launched, but wait….your computer doesn’t meet the requirements to run the game smoothly. Don’t worry we can help get your computer up to spec and it will probably cost less than you think.

Shop By Game

Pick from a selection of games to see what some recommended builds for your requirements. We have even listed the framerates you can expect in the chosen games.

Custom Builds

Prebuilt or Custom build? Whatever your choice for the best deal on a new computer get in touch with us directly for our best prices.

Budget Systems

Check out the current range of refurbished systems available to buy. These systems are great refurbished systems that still have some life left in them and cater towards lower budgets.