Is your computer feeling a little sluggish? You might be tempted to ask google "How to download more RAM?" We wouldn't recommend doing that and you might come across something that could end up doing something harmful to your computer. Instead all you need to do is get a computer upgrade.


 There are a number of factors that affect the performance of your computer. Straight out of the box they are normally very responsive and snappy. You might hear that adding more memory or "RAM" is the best way to make the system more responsive. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes adding in more memory will actually give you very little benefit, but this totally depends on your current components.


 For most everyday tasks 8GB of memory is enough and is normally the standard lowest amount computers come with these days. If you are gaming on your computer we would recommend 16GB of memory in dual channel mode and the fastest speed that your motherboard supports, this will help achieve a better Framerate and make gameplay smoother.


 For older systems usually, the best way to make these computers more responsive is to install a "Solid State Drive" what this means is that the drive has no moving parts and uses flash memory rather than a spinning metal disk, like in a mechanical hard drive. SSD's tend to be on average 5-10 times faster at moving information than mechanical hard drivers or HDD's.


As we mentioned all of your main components will play a role in how responsive and snappy your computer is. If you are unsure why not use the messenger service on the website or if you are on mobile tap here to give us a call to help determine what would be best for your system in terms of upgrading components.