Computer Repairs

 Picture this... You grab your laptop and hit the power button then you are met with a blank screen and lots of beeping noises. Well, it has had a good run, maybe, it is time to get a new one? You don't need to feel like this anymore, you should think about computer repairs. Bring your laptop or computer to us and we will diagnose the fault free of charge. We will call you once our diagnostics are complete to let you know what is wrong with the system, and we will offer you some options on what would be the best remedy for your system.

 If you have an aging system it will likely be using dated hardware and in a lot of cases, it can be more cost-effective to upgrade the system at the same time. No matter what the issue is that is affecting your system, rest assured we will explain everything to you in terms that you can understand and help you make an informed decision.


Virus Removal


Have you or a user of your computer accidentally clicked a dodgy link or downloaded something that came from an unverified source. Get in touch today to book your system in for a Virus Check and Removal.



 Just like servicing your car, it is good practice to service your computer regularly too. Blow out those cobwebs, get rid of the dust build-up, make sure everything is up to date, and optimise your drive. One of the main causes of shorts and overheating is dust build up, dust will clog up your fans and heatsinks and insulate the components rather than allowing them to dissipate the heat causing temperatures to rise and performance to drop. Dust is also electrically conductive and can carry a static charge, static electricity is the enemy of computers and components can be highly sensitive to static electricity. So don't put off bring the computer to us and we will de_dust (sorry counter strike pun) your computer and apply fresh thermal solution to coolers ensuring they are working at the optimal cooling performance.