So I keep seeing videos on comparing the Xbox Series X to PC hardware. These videos go on to compare the announced hardware of the Xbox with current PC components. Some even go so far as to give you a list of comparable hardware and tell you how much it will cost. They also give you a list of hardware that costs the same as what they believe the Xbox Series X will cost. But the problem I have with this is that firstly the cost could be completely different from what they believe. Also the way they compare hardware between the console and the PC is on a unit of measurement knows as the “flops”.

A Flop!?

Although it is a standard measurement of units flops is not a greatly accurate way to measure performance. As well as the not very accurate unit of measurement there are a lot of other variables. Such as proprietary components in the console vs PC standard components comparison that seem to get overlooked. Therefore I don’t think an exact apples to apples comparison cannot be made just yet.

What is the cost?

Now don’t get me wrong this new console will be a little powerhouse, and will be amazing value for money in terms of price/performance. The console will target 4k resolution at 60FPS. This is a huge improvement over the 720p/1080p 30FPS of the previous generation. However, unfortunately, not all games will be able to achieve this. One game, in particular, is AC: Valhalla which will run at 30FPS.

For the past few years now with the release of the 2000 series GPU’s from Nvidia PC has been targetting 1440p (2k) at 144FPS. This has been the sweet spot for most PC gamers. The increased framerate reduces a graphical issue called ghosting. We are expecting the imminent release of 3000 series of Nvidia and “RDNA 2/Big Navi” AMD graphics cards. I personally can’t wait to see the performance gain from these new cards.

A new PC is never going to be as affordable as a new console. However, a PC is much more diverse and is upgradable. Think about the initial cost of a PC and the average lifespan of components. You may need to upgrade your graphics card after let’s say 5 years. If you work out the cost over the 5-8 years most people run a PC for then it doesn’t work out all too bad. Let’s not forget the cost of online gaming that’s extra on consoles and the higher cost of games in general.


It really all depends on personal circumstance. Pick the console if you want a piece of technology that you can play games and watch movies on. But if you find that you need more from that specific piece of technology then a PC (or laptop, or Mac) is the way to go.

Obvisouly I would recommend a PC over a console. A good entry level AMD based PC will be a great starting point for around the same suggested price of the PS5.

I am really looking forward to the release of these consoles to see the actual performance in real world situations. Once we know the actual performance of the console, I would love to do an actual cost out a PC that will match performance.

Let me know how you think these consoles will actually perform and if you believe the 4k 60FPS claim.



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  1. I haven’t even factored in the fact that the entry level 3000 Nvidia card the RTX 3060 will have similar performance to a 2080Ti.

    An entry level graphics card which is more powerful than a next gen console.

    • Well this did not age well and the real figures put the 3060Ti on par with a 2080 and the 3070 on par with the 2080Ti

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