There has been a huge amount of hype around this new game that is currently in beta testing from Riot Games called Valorant, when I first saw the teasers for the game I thought it looked amazing too it is sort of like a cross between Counter Strike gameplay and Overwatch style, design and animations. Those lucky enough to obtain a key from Riot Games for Valorant are then able to stream the game and offer “key drops” in their streams so other people can get access to the closed beta, some people report spending hours upon hours per day over the course of a week to try and obtain a key for this very sought after game…but at what cost.

Most online matchmaking games such as Fortnite, Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, Etc, Etc have some form of “Anti Cheat” software that they run in the background only whilst the game is running to try and stop cheaters and hackers from spoiling the game for everyone else, those found to be cheating or hacking are usually banned from the game one way or another. Obviosuly where there are rules to be broken someone will always be trying or will have found a way to break these rules and bypass the Anti Cheat software and the same goes for this brand new game Valorant. Within the first week videos were released of someone using wall hacks and an aim lock.

So why avoid the game? All the other games I have mentioned earlier in the post also have hackers and cheaters so what makes this game Valorant any different of course you will come across cheaters that is just part of gaming online I hear you say.

Valorant does have an anti cheat program that installs on your computer to attempt to detect cheating and hacking but the major difference in this software is that it runs from the moment the Windows Kernel has initialised this type of thing is called a “RootKit”, it is embedded in Ring 0 of the operating system meaning it has unlimited access to everything on your PC including device drivers and everything you do on your computer. Not only does it have access it can actually cause security flaws which other hackers could potentially exploit, the worst part is that the game will not run without this anti cheat program being installed, if you try to run the game without the anti cheat software you will receive an error message.

Luckily there is a way you can go about disabling the anti cheat software whilst not running the game, one way according to Riot Games is to uninstall via windows settings and then reinstall the software when you want to run the game, personally I don’t believe this will get rid of the software fully. The other way is to run a command in Command Prompt as an administrator which stops the program from being initialised on startup and then another command to reinitialise the program, which ever way you stop this program from running either by uninstalling or using the command line you must restart the computer after each event for it to work.

Please check out this video from a favourite YouTuber of mine for more information…



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