Like everyone, I browse through sales posts on Facebook Marketplace to see if I can find something reasonably priced and potentially make a refurbished system from the parts to sell on.

Prices at the moment seem very high for used components that don’t come with any kind of guarantee, some prices are even higher than that of CEX and CEX sell their components with a 24-month warranty, but even those prices are sometimes higher than brand new components!

Allow me to give an example of something I came across recently, a computer shop of sorts is selling a £450 PC setup including a monitor. It’s not really far off the price of the 1650 Super build I have recently sold.
The PC from this shop is advertised as an “Entry Level Gaming PC” again very similar to my 1650 Super build (£479) or possibly even the Ryzen 3 3200g build with integrated graphics (£330)

If we look at the specifications of the PC I think you will be surprised at the differences and unfortunately, those who don’t really know too much about this sort of thing could easily fall victim to this advert.
I want everyone to know that if they ever need any advice about buying a PC from another company I am more than happy to offer it free of charge.

A quick comparison of the main components will shed some light on my findings.

Processor:Marketplace PC – Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 2 cores 3.33GHz(no information given about exact model so I have compared the best core 2 duo CPU released in 2103)NeoComputers PC – Ryzen 3 3200g 4 core 4 thread 3.6GHz+157% Effective Speed

Memory: Marketplace PC – 8GB (no information is given about the exact memory used so possibly DDR3 1600MHz from 2015)NeoComputers PC – 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz DDR4+198% Effective Speed

Graphics:Marketplace PC – Nvidia GeForce GT 710(again no further information available as to which GT 710 is included possibly a 2GB model from 2015)NeoComputers PC – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super 4GB from Zotac with a dual fan design+1,665% Effective Speed

Let’s quickly look at the Vega 8 integrated graphics in our lowest gaming priced PC, this has an effective speed increase of 208% over the GT 710



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