According to sources online, memory prices could rise by 40% this year alone.

I myself have noticed that in Q1 of 2020 the price of RAM and SSD storage has risen by at least 20% on certain websites.

It wasn’t that long ago there was talk of intel dropping CPU prices due to the fierce competition from AMD and we said this could only be a good thing for the end-user as it would mean cheaper prices at the checkout. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the drop in prices we had hoped for, in fact, prices had dropped in September of 2019 but had then risen again. As for the price of memory, this has also risen and this obviously will have a knock-on effect for the end-user. I myself order in small quantities of stock more often as I do not have the funds of a big company to order in bulk quantities, this price rise affects me and ultimately I now have to increase my prices in line with my costs.

I still plan on having competitive pricing across the board for all of my systems and if there is something you are looking for but can’t find it on my website please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form on the website or via facebook.



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